Classes in English – all nationalities welcome!

all nationalities welcome 🇱🇷🇪🇪🇫🇮
Vinyasa and yin yoga in ENG from 1st of October on Fridays and Sundays!
Please meet our teacher Madle who introduces herself here:
“My name is Madle, but you can call me Maddie @maddiemeetsyoga 🔆
Before my journey led me to yoga and meditation, I had no real idea how to spend my time on this Earth.
I used to feel stuck, sad, depleted, stressed and annoyed most of the time. I jumped from one country and job to the next looking for something that felt true to who I was, but abandoned every dream as soon as things got even the slightest bit difficult.
Even during the times when I was travelling I wasn’t excited to wake up to my own life.
Now I am not telling you that yoga and meditation magically fixed all those problems.
But what started as a necessary practice for the sake of my mental health grew into a passion for self-discovery and moving my body in a mindful way.
Meditation allowed me to make peace with what was, whereas yoga gave me tools to improve both my mental and physical balance, flexibility and strength.
I invite people who are looking to make a change in their life towards the positive to come practice vinyasa and yin yoga with me. We will balance stretching and strengthening our bodies and minds, train our focus and endurance, practice movement and stillness.
Yin – all levels, starting 10.10.21, Sundays 19:30
Vinyasa – beginner-friendly, some previous yoga experience advisable, starting 01.10.21, Fridays 12:00